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any of a group of hard crystalline minerals that consist of aluminum silicates of potassium or sodium or calcium or barium

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Blends with primary kaolin (from an in-situ weathered dyke) and felspathic flux separated from granite or the bai-tunze itself by froth flotation produced several excellent bodies that were throwable and translucent.
As is to be expected, many of the illustrations are of plain and decorated creamwares and pearlwares, but the flail range of the pottery's output--which included splendid Black Basalt, felspathic stoneware, lustre pottery, figures and even porcelain--is demonstrated here for the first time in crisply detailed colour photographs.
Walkers relish its quieter, challenging slopes, climbers scale the rocky outcrops that frown upon the geologists who cherish the Felspathic trap and shale, environmentalists say it is a place of special scientific interest, parapenters jump off it.
This enabled an early knowledge of stonewares and highfired felspathic glazes, which were used long before the low-fired lead glazing methods adopted in the Western world.
In his series (Sense--Hold--Fee--Pour) Richardson's pouring vessels are thrown from the local clays he mines and prepares but, more specifically, it is his use of a local felspathic sandstone from the Derwent valley, a unique and crucial ingredient in his Derwent glaze series, that situates his pieces in space.