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22) To support the validity of laws preventing ex-felons from possession, the Fifth Circuit relied only upon law review articles from the 1980s to suggest that America at its founding excluded felons from the right to bear arms.
Thirty-three percent of Americans feel felons should be allowed to vote, according to the FindLaw survey.
Common sense, basic fairness and decency dictate that felons, with few exceptions, should have their voting rights restored after they have done their time.
BATFE set up an undercover storefront in the hopes of finding felons in possession of firearms.
African American felon disenfranchisement; case studies in modern racism and political exclusion.
com/) gun shows every few months , or have judges who liberally reinstate gun ownership rights to those with past violent crime convictions, or have fairly easy petition processes for gun-ownership reinstatement to felons.
The report's suggestions were based on recent data concerning the number of felons who commit crimes after being released from state jails.
During his two terms as VP, Marin had pardoned 533 felons, some convicted for grave crimes such as murder and rape.
Gilbert knows that most felons are likely to be Democrats is a mystery.
After seeing them live, Sounds' Rob Nichols wrote of the band: "The Felons play bluesy rock and play it right in your face.
The bill, originally applying only to violent felons, was expanded to include all felons only after a push by the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association.
Louise Elliott, regional fundraising manager, said: "I'd like to thank all our felons on behalf of those affected by stroke.
Violent Felons in Large Urban Counties presents data collected from a representative sample of felony cases that resulted in a felony conviction for a violent offense in 40 of the 75 largest counties in the United States.
Convicted felons were able to purchase ammunition at 10 gun shops in Los Angeles, including seven in the San Fernando Valley, a study released Thursday found.