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a person who kills himself intentionally


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an act of deliberate self destruction

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Some of the material from Felo de Se is included in Helsingor Station and Other Departures (most notably the stories "Killachter Meadow" and "Lebensraum") and in the collected fiction and prose, Flotsam and Jetsam.
Forced by necessity to choose one of the "versions" above the others, I have selected those that appear in their "proper context," which generally means in the final versions of the novels, though in the interest of mapping development I have focused on the earliest versions of the stories that appear in Felo de Se.
Translated as felons of ourselves, Felo de Se details episodes of struggle in a world that always evades comprehension, revealing Higgins's deep epistemological uneasiness from the outset of his fictional oeuvre.
The stories of Felo de Se generally use the conventions of realism.
The stories of Felo de Se represent barren, passive conditions by presenting dreamlike, linguistically dense fictional worlds.
Higgins's "realist" Felo de Se is also subverted by an implicit artificiality in some of the short stories.