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a communist sympathizer (but not a member of the Communist Party)

a traveler who accompanies you

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Time, place, and fellow-traveller,' she suggests, adopting his tone, and holding him softly by the arm.
How could the time be at hand unless the fellow-traveller was?
Fellow-traveller visits seldom exceeded three weeks.
Ian George Milner--the so-called Rhodes Scholar spy, and a long-time friend and correspondent of Professor Manning Clark--emerged from the "New Zealand Friends of the Soviet Union" and was a fellow-traveller to the Soviet Union in 1934 where he witnessed "that most people were happy and saw their place in it".
Fitzpatrick's biography was written by Watson before the release of ASIO archives, which place Fitzpatrick in the correct perspective: a pro-Soviet fellow-traveller and propagandist.
Fitzpatrick's drunken and convivial persona concealed a fervid pro-Soviet fellow-traveller.
Australian fellow-travellers during the Cold War had their own journal--Meanjin, edited by professional fellow-traveller Clement Byrne Christesen (1911-2003), a contact from as early as 1944 of Fedor Andreevich Nosov, a NKGB/KI co-optee and cadre worker.
80) Rarely has a fellow-traveller been rewarded with such undeserved honours.
This article examines the role of three pro-Soviet fellow-travellers during the Cold War: journalist, historian and civil libertarian activist Brian Fitzpatrick; the controversial historian Professor Manning Clark; and Clement B.
Around 691 people surveyed listed wiffy passengers as particularly annoying, others objected to chatty or large fellow-travellers.
Fellow-travellers were generally scrupulous about not joining their local communist parties.
The fact that one of my fellow-travellers had boarded the bus thinking we were playing Forfar did make me feel slightly better.
The guard's reaction was to call the police to detain him - while angry fellow-travellers were forced to wait 25 minutes for the cops to arrive.
Had my association been with the small assemblage of Communists and fellow-travellers then in Triple-A (including Alger Hiss), my memory would be more complete, although it might have extended less pleasantly to later encounters with Richard Nixon and, needless to say, Sen.
We can follow the reports of one or more fellow-travellers over time to see if their priorities are the same as ours.