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Synonyms for fellow traveler

a communist sympathizer (but not a member of the Communist Party)

a traveler who accompanies you

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Two charming fellow-travelers take care of me; and we may perhaps get as far as the Lake of Como.
On the following day, the four fellow-travelers arrived at New Orleans.
Readers of this journal may recognize the name of the author of this new monograph investigating the early work of Owen Barfield (1898-1997), Inkling fellow-traveler, C.
He now describes himself as both pious and skeptical by nature, and as "a Christian fellow-traveler," though it's clear from this book that the place of religion in human life remains one of his core concerns.
On the other hand, the absence of fellow-traveler James Bishop made no sense.
Bradford likens him to Hitler, while Northeastern fellow-traveler Edmund Wilson compares him to Bismarck and Lenin; conservative Harry Jaffa sees him as a staunch constitutionalist, but neoliberal Garry Wills maintains that, with the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln pulled off a "gentle (if benign) swindle" and substituted a "new constitution" for the old one.
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