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Italian filmmaker (1920-1993)


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43) The production announced a 'look' for Bieito's work--a Felliniesque costume aesthetic produced by Merce Paloma, a ferocious pace where scenes tumble into one another as narrative is conveyed across and through the body--which has been evident in the spatial, scenographic, and movement configurations of Comedias barbaras (Barbaric Comedies) (2000), Don Giovanni (2001), and Un ballo in maschera (A Masked Ball) (2000) (44) as well as his subsequent Shakespeares.
Evaluation: Approaches the Felliniesque but without any charm or finesse.
With high production values, haunting music, and a Felliniesque mysteriousness, the show resembles the mesmerizing Twin Peaks.
The operator of a shabby freak show, Ed travels the countryside with his Felliniesque crew trying to raise money to obtain a body.
In Stardust Memories, Allen incorporates Felliniesque hallucinations and memory passages (with pervasive cinematic allusions to 8 1/2) to underscore Sandy's fragile psychological balance.
I am searching, and I am yearning," he explains, just like the Faustian hero he played in what he describes as a Felliniesque film, "Immortal Longing," he recently made in Russia.
Grimaldi's closing freeze frame on her tongue stuck out to the camera constitutes an insufficient Felliniesque gesture of defiance to the extensive exercise in Pasolinian semiotics that preceded it.
Satellite vans clogged the tiny side streets, transforming the historic Ile de la Cite into a Felliniesque media carnival.
Le Cirque Pandor's Felliniesque atmosphere echoes Pirandello's unfinished final play, The Mountain Giants, with its peripatetic, down-at-the-heels company of lost thespians who reach the isolated villa of a mysterious magus surrounded by ill-fated beings (a dwarf, a woman who is convinced she is dead).
This wispy Felliniesque proxy stands in for the observer but is so wildly out of sync with the devotional rigor of the rest of the plan that one is left to wonder how Scarpa imagined the body of the viewer in relation to these scrupulously articulated correspondences among objects, planes, patina, scale, color, and pose.
There are further elements in the film that hover between existence and projection: in a car journey made by the Picciafuoco family, they pass the Vatican, and see a Felliniesque cortege of nuns and priests in full regalia who are wheeling invalids; this is followed by an apparition of a man dressed as Christ striding with his cross through a piazza.
Drawing liberally from German expressionist cinema of the early-20th century (the use of shadows is heavily reminiscent of films such as Nosferatu or The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari), silent-era film and Felliniesque flights of fancy, Maddin flouts his "obsessively precise (if fragmented and eccentric)" (20) knowledge of film history in order to revisit various occulted cinematic traditions and claim them in the name of Canada.
His Felliniesque finale, lifted from the exhilarating circus dance at the end of "8 1/2," feels too much like plagiarism to provide the satisfying coda he seeks, an infelicitous choice that detracts from an otherwise original work.
Brian produces a fund-raiser for the gay and lesbian center, a Felliniesque affair that proves both lucrative and mortifying for the center.
Simul-taneously titillating and self-satirizing, they join Felliniesque absorption with gesture, movement and physiognomy to spaghetti-western jolts.