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Italian filmmaker (1920-1993)

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the Winter 1987 Selection of the History Book Club which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize); The Cinema of Federico Fellini (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992.
Fellini Gallery in Berlin is located in the heart of the city and maintains the spirit of the original Shanghai gallery.
Antes de partir a la capital rusa, Ruge, quien colaboro como asistente de direccion de Fellini de 1979 a 1980, cuenta emocionada que seran varias las proyecciones de su opera prima durante todo el festival, pero la gala es el 1 de julio.
Fellini said he would like to retire there and many of the pastel-shade walls are decorated by murals depicting scenes from his films.
The reworked screenplay ( Michael Tolkin and Anthony Minghella) charts Guido's struggles to find balance in his professional and personal lives, throwing in a familiar set of characters -- wife, mistress, muse, mother -- if you have seen the Fellini original.
In The White Sheik, Fellini focuses on the nuances and meanings of dress in its emotional and social impact, relating it to the world of appearances, rituals, and religion, but all the time blurring the boundary of the sacred and the profane.
El equipo creativo detras de la adaptacion de Chicago, ganadora de un Oscar, regresa con una fastuosa pelicula del musical ganador de un premio Tony, inspirado en el clasico 8 1/2 de Federico Fellini.
Su padre, Urbano Fellini, tenia una fabrica de paata.
He is (or will be thought of as) the 21st-century, English-language Ingmar Bergman, Fellini, Kurosawa, Luis Bunuel, Louis Malle.
The caricature is of Giulietta Masina, the wife of Italian director Federico Fellini, who played the central character in Fellini's most famous film, "La Strada," released in 1954.
Fellini of Norwood has been named director of ticket sales for the Worcester Sharks.
DIVA's Great Film Director Seminar will celebrate the works of Federico Fellini from 1 p.
Both tendencies are to be found in Fellini throughout his work and he seems to favor one or the other depending on the material.
Arguably the greatest Italian filmmaker is Federico Fellini.
Instead of a story grounded in the reality of Billy Joel's Long Island characters and the Vietnam War, her new musical offers metaphors in a shambling traveling circus more reminiscent of Fellini than Barnum and Bailey.