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You see, Jerry Moore was one of these slow, simple fellers, and you could tell in a moment what a lot he thought of Gentleman.
If he meant lamb,' he said, querulously, 'why didn't he say "lamb", so's a feller could hear him?
Began to talk about Delilahs and Jezebels and Fools-there-was and the rest of it, and what a mug a feller was to let a female into 'is cosy home, who'd only make him spend his days hooking her up, and his nights wondering how to get back the blankets without waking her.
When I found Missis was sot the contrar, dat ar was conscience more yet,--cause fellers allers gets more by stickin' to Missis' side,--so yer see I 's persistent either way, and sticks up to conscience, and holds on to principles.
here's that ar feller that I was in with in Natchez.
Now, Tom's roarer when there's any thumping or fighting to be done; but at lying he an't good, Tom an't,--ye see it don't come natural to him; but, Lord, if thar's a feller in the country that can swear to anything and everything, and put in all the circumstances and flourishes with a long face, and carry 't through better 'n I can, why, I'd like to see him, that's all
An' den when dat Sadie MacMallister next door to us was sent teh deh devil by dat feller what worked in deh soap-factory, didn't I tell our Mag dat if she--"
Dere wasn't a feller come teh deh house but she'd try teh mash 'im.
Not knowin' what your notions o' fun may be, I can't rightly say, young feller.
I don't blame you, not a mite, young feller, nor you won't blame me when the bile's out o' your systim.
Osborne said, looking hard at him and turning very red too--"you did me a great injury; but give me leave to tell you, sir, you are an honest feller.
osses should be brought out and his carriage made into an hospital for that old feller and Mrs.
All I know, my dear feller,' said Mr Chuckster, running his fingers through his hair, 'is, that he is the cause of my having stood here twenty minutes, for which I hate him with a mortal and undying hatred, and would pursue him to the confines of eternity if I could afford the time.
The army makes 'em wild, and they like nothing better than the job of leading off a young feller like you, as ain't never been away from home much and has allus had a mother, an' a-learning
Yank," the other had informed him, "yer a right dum good feller.