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a member of a pastoral and nomadic people of western Africa

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For example, according to Ayoub (2006), a new nazir status in Blue Nile State was created for the Fellata, originally from West Africa, who in the 1990s, with the sympathy of the governor, fought the indigenous Funj and Hamag for a nazirate of their own.
This policy had earmarked 37% of agrarian land to the Nuba, 45% to Arab tribes and 18 % to Fellata Housa and Bergo.
In many locations, including Damazin, witnesses saw Popular Defense Forces (PDF), an auxiliary force drawn from Fellata and other nomadic ethnic groups whose members Sudan is actively recruiting, leaders who were interviewed told Human Rights Watch.
The SUDO report also accuses the government of co-opting and arming some IDPs, which meant that minor disputes can escalate into gun fights among the camp's 30 blocks, which are inhabited mostly by the Fur, Tunjur, Berti, Zaghawa, Gimer, Fellata and Hawara ethnic groups.
They were supported by the Fellata [an ethnic group in Blue Nile], who captured some of the civilians and slaughtered people,' said Asma, who witnessed the outbreak of conflict in the town of Um Darfa.