Felix Klein

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German mathematician who created the Klein bottle (1849-1925)


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He then skips forward to the Enlightenment, continuing the discussion through to the 20th century in chapters on Francois Viete, Rene Descartes, Gerard Desargues, Giovanni Saccheri, Johann Lambert, Nicolai Lobachevski and Janos Bolyai, Bernhard Riemann, Jean-Victor Poncelet, and Felix Klein.
I removed the book Indra's Pearls: The Vision of Felix Klein with the intention of returning it to its proper shelf, which I supposed to be either design or theology.
Felix Klein (1849-1925), al tomar posesion del cargo de profesor en Erlangen (tenia 23 anos) pronuncio una conferencia inaugural, conocida como Programa de Erlangen, [Klein, 1872].
So, in 1900, Felix Klein was struggling with mathematics education problems of his own day.
To quote from the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2001: A Vietnamese girl, named Zazoo by her adopted grandfather when he brought her to his village in France, tells about meeting a boy from Paris with a strange tale of long-ago love, and about getting acquainted with Felix Klein, the Jewish pharmacist, who lost everyone he loved in that Awful Time (WW II) when the village was occupied by the Nazis.
His interest in graphology rekindled in 1982 when a friend suggested he study under Felix Klein, who was one of the world's foremost practitioners in the field until his death about three years ago.
The mathematician Felix Klein once responded to the hackneyed comparison of mathematics to music by saying, "But I don't understand; mathematics is beautiful