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HARD is defined as such because heartworm disease may appear as respiratory signs which have frequently been misdiagnosed as feline asthma or allergic bronchitis.
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies spokesman Nicki Reed said: "Cats with feline asthma syndrome can be made worse by living in a household where people smoke, or where there are other potential allergens or irritants.
Feline asthma is a common condition which is estimated to affect around one in 200 cats, making them wheeze, cough and struggle to catch their breath.
Feline asthma is another allergic reaction characterized by chronic coughing, wheezing, sneezing, or difficulty in breathing.
Recently, researchers discovered that respiratory signs in cats, which are often diagnosed as feline asthma or allergic bronchitis, may actually be caused by the presence of heartworms in either larval or adult stages.
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