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United States cartoonist who created a sarcastic comic strip (born in 1929)


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Although it has been argued that RTI should be mandated for advancing academic achievement in the schools (Brown-Chidsey & Steege, 2005; Hale, 2006), there are numerous reasons for which children do not respond to interventions, only one of which is SLD; therefore, inferring SLD from failure to respond to intervention is not scientifically or clinically justifiable (Berninger & Holdnack, 2008; Decker, 2008; Feifer, 2008; Feifer & Della Toffalo, 2007; Fiorello et al.
3) On the history of tourism in Italy, as well as Rome in particular, see also Baranowski and Furlough 1-31; Battilani 179-244; Feifer 7-27 and 95-136; Herzfeld 14-15; and Scardigli 1-10.
Director Michael Feifer said the actress was delightful to work with and dedicated to the project.
The surname Piper is recorded in several other ways including Pfeiffer, Feifer, and Peifer.
Once thought won and relegated to the status of a secondary front in the war on terror, Afghanistan--"the crossroad of empires," Feifer reminds us--has again attracted the attention of the United States, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the broader international community.
P feifer, 2005, "Effectiveness of corrosion inhibiting admixture combinations in structural concrete", Cement and Concrete Composites, 27(6), pp.
Gregory Feifer, Chechnya: Russian Officials Say Chechen Referendum Broadly Approves Constitution, RADIO FREE EUROPE/RADIO LIBERTY, Mar.
Western propaganda during the Cold War liked to paint the Russians as soulless robots, but, as NPR Moscow correspondent Gregory Feifer describes in his new book, The Great Gamble: The Soviet War in Afghanistan, the reality of Red Army operations during the Soviet takeover was more Keystone Kops than anything else.
All student projects will be evaluated by a jury consisting of recognized architects who represent different perspectives on architecture and daylight as well as different geographies, says Project Manager Lone Feifer.
TASTE VERSUS FLAVOR Jason Feifer, an associate editor at Boston magazine, can't smell a thing.
Victor Cherkashin and Gregory Feifer, Spy Handler: Memoir of a KGB Officer (New York: Perseus Press, 2005).
Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Jules Feifer, who worked as Eisner's assistant from 1946 to 1951, regards the setting for "The Spirit" as "very Jewish," because its atmosphere was based on Eisner's old Bronx neighborhood.
In Spy Handler, former KGB official Victor Cherkashin, writing with Gregory Feifer, shares nearly forty years of experience as a Soviet foreign intelligence officer.
That changed in 1956, when a psychologist named Herman Feifer organized the first inter-disciplinary conference on thanatology, or death studies.