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The cinematographers also captured shark feeding behaviors never seen before, including sharks pulling prey off the coral reef in broad daylight.
The astrocytes themselves weren't the only cells affected in the altered mice: Neurons that regulate feeding behavior in the hypothalamus, the same cells these astrocytes support, showed signs of listlessness.
Further understanding of the feeding behavior of benthic, freshwater fishes would provide insight into the feeding pressures and limitations of food a species may be experiencing under changing environmental conditions.
citri feeding behavior were completed, leaf samples were collected for analysis to confirm the presence of aldicarb in the plant tissue using HPLC/UV chromatography with detection at 205 nm (Cochrane & Lanouette 1981), the standard method used for aldicarb detection (Pico et al.
But first, a system is needed to monitor animal feeding behavior.
gordonii ingestion did not cause significant decrease in the feeding behavior of mealworm beetles, it did affect the oviposition preference of the cabbage looper moth, Trichoplusia ni (Chow et al.
The neurotransmitter [gamma]-aminobutyric acid (GABA) has also been known to enhance feeding behavior via its receptors or directly in the ARC, causing decreased melanocortin signaling to the PVN, which in turn results in hyperphagia (Cowley et al.
Roles of vomeronasal organ chemoreception in tongue flicking and feeding behavior of the lizard Chalcides ocellatus.
We wanted to elucidate feeding behavior of these birds during a different season.
Species field notes are quite detailed, descriptions delve into feeding behavior as well as appearance and habits, and vocalization and breeding ranges are detailed along with status and conservation.
Although numerous brain areas are known to regulate feeding behavior, the lateral hypothalamus (LH) may play a key role in regulating overeating during SSS (Rolls et al, Brain Research, 1986).
Greater understanding of the details of feeding behavior of this species may have medical implications and this has motivated us to study in detail the feeding activities of L.
Their feeding behavior involves multiple probing to successfully find a capillary.
The relationship between creep feeding behavior of piglets and adaptation to weaning: effect of diet quality.
Influence Of Gas Fluxing With Argon-Hydrogen Mixture And Grain Refinement On Feeding Behavior Of AlSi7Mg In Gravity Sand Casting (06-033)