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a branching path off of a main transportation line (especially an airline)

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29, and the main feeder line into Paxton went down about 3 a.
Two feeder lines were confirmed and the respective engineering works were ordered," the Vienna-based consortium said, referring to the lines to Turkey's borders with Iraq and Georgia.
She knew as much about the Old Firm as a one-legged Ethiopian knows about snowboarding - even the well rehearsed delivery of feeder lines to Nicholas and McCann couldn't disguise that.
For instance, in-line sequencing, which responds to OEM broadcasts, releases orders into production and to subassembly feeder lines.
Built along an old rail line right of way, critics say parts of the line do not run through traditional transit corridors, creating a greater need for more North-South feeder lines.
The railroads could use a lot more composite ties, especially for freight lines in hot, wet environments like the Southeast and for remote spur and feeder lines where installation costs are high.
He said: ``It's obvious that in considering options for a reduc-tion in s ubsidy, which in Wales would undoubtedly involve a reduction in s ervices, that the SRA are not taking into consideration the importance of rural railways, not only to the communities, but in t heir roles as feeder lines to the main lines.
His evidence: "'The fact that three of the 29 primary brain and central-nervous-system tumors that occurred in Guilford during those 21 years developed among a handful of people who live in four of five adjacent houses on Meadow Street that are situated near a substation and very close to a pair of high-current distribution feeder lines, together with the fact that a malignant eye tumor, involving a tract of brain tissue, occurred in a woman who had lived in a sixth dwelling, next to a third feeder line, surely suggested that there was a cancer cluster of some significance on Meadow Street.
Henning touched on a General Motors agglomeration research project to control porosity and use separate feeder lines for lime and fluorspar to control silicon.
Tenders are invited for Erection, Testing And Commissioning Of Feeder Lines Under Cluster-I For R-Apdrp; Part-B Projects; Jammu Province Of Jk Pdd In The State Of Jammu And Kashmir
Based on this information, the company felt it was worth temporarily suspending operations to upgrade our feeder lines to maximize our delivery capabilities.
The new buses will be used on 24 feeder lines to the subway stations.
Tenders are invited for Road Restoration of work done by DJB of replacement of old PSC HS CI stretches of rising mains and feeder lines emanating from Ranney wells of P and V series with MS lined and coated pipes SH Repair of road and footpath at M B Road
As part of its turnaround strategy, CN announced in July 1994 its intention to sell its feeder lines in Quebec to short-line operators.