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the process in which part of the output of a system is returned to its input in order to regulate its further output

response to an inquiry or experiment

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The medical profession is aware of the fact that natural cortisol, produced by the middle layer adrenal cortex, works with the hypothalamic pituitary axis in a negative feedback mechanism.
A feedback of this magnitude would translate into roughly 15 percent more warming, given current understanding of other feedback mechanisms.
The neural network predicts the inverse-dynamics model of the controlled process and fuzzy feedback mechanism is used to guide an adaptive modification of connection weights of neural network.
The new release can be used as a voting application or as a feedback mechanism for public sector, e-government and company web sites.
Through the computer's feedback mechanism, clients can actually see where their balance is off and can follow their personal progress as it is tracked on the computer screen," explains Roe.
In commodity markets, the consumer is anonymous and standards-based production is pushed on the market with price as the only feedback mechanism," he says.
Other features include a positioning feedback mechanism included with the cylinder, which links the controller to the piston rod.
Microsoft stands out as the only vendor with a feedback mechanism for employers, who can check certifications at Microsoft's Web site.
The system includes a feedback mechanism through e-mail notification of receipt.
providing a feedback mechanism to Izodia on business and technology issues.
Prices in a perfectly competitive market act as a feedback mechanism to market participants.
Although the high-temperature requirement may seem very restrictive, we envisage a feedback mechanism whereby heat advected with early magma batches will warm the crust, allowing later batches to reach shallower levels.
A feedback mechanism adjusts the platform rotation to match the pendulum's motion, and the scientists measure the platform speed.
Lederman writes that "it is impossible to underestimate the effect this feedback mechanism had on local Palestinians.
The REGYS I system has a unique feedback mechanism that senses muscle fatigue or spasms, according to center staff.