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the process in which part of the output of a system is returned to its input in order to regulate its further output

response to an inquiry or experiment

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Positive feedback loops often behave unpredictably, so their behaviors are difficult to express as mathematical formulas.
I was familiar with the topics and enjoyed learning about the explanation of evolution in the frame of the seven principles and the interconnected feedback loops.
The root cause of this trap is a weak feedback loop.
The second feedback loop, however, releases the brake imposed by the first feedback loop, the researchers say.
When health care providers compete at the level of the medical condition, on real prices and real results, the feedback loops will become extremely compelling.
Because the circuits generally include complicated feedback loops, the equations that model the reactions tend to be nonlinear.
Creating a simple change control process can yield the tight, simple feedback loops needed to keep processes on track and continue to fulfill the SLA.
When individuals act based on these social meanings, they construct feedback loops that appear to validate the false assumption of natural differences that people tacitly accept in their everyday lives.
Third, positive feedback loops in an economy may accentuate the influence of random shocks and starting conditions, For example, asset price changes often influence future expectations of similar change and can lead market prices to over or under-shoot -- and in cases of weak countervailing forces, lead to bubbles in asset prices.
Although Gilder is very well-versed in physics, he's less so in the fundamentals of feedback loops, especially relating to supply and demand.
In addition, Graham provides pressure-control feedback loops for programming backfill of each head independently.
Feedback loops provide qualified email senders with copies of all complaints sent to participating hosted email service provider and ISPs.
Positive feedback loops aren't the exclusive property of elite private colleges.
We analyzed the role of multiple feedback loops in this network, and were eventually able to identify an ultrasensitive mechanism that works in combination with the feedback loops to form a switch.
In this earlier moment, artists as diverse as Dan Graham, Peter Campus, Bruce Nauman, and Joan Jonas established feedback loops of live cameras and monitors into which viewers could wander: Sometimes their images were replayed to themselves in altered form, as in Campus's works, and sometimes spectators encountered their displaced projections on a short delay or in kinesthetically disorienting environments, as in installations by Nauman and Graham.