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the process in which part of the output of a system is returned to its input in order to regulate its further output

response to an inquiry or experiment

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Oil price movements and government spending policies create feedback loops between asset prices and credit that can lead to the build-up of systemic vulnerabilities in the financial sector.
Feedback loops are not allowed at any level--not even for one oracle.
Positive feedback loops often behave unpredictably, so their behaviors are difficult to express as mathematical formulas.
Environmental testing is an established feedback loop, providing direct information on product qualities and limitations, both of the products themselves and within the environments in which they will be used.
I was familiar with the topics and enjoyed learning about the explanation of evolution in the frame of the seven principles and the interconnected feedback loops.
The root cause of this trap is a weak feedback loop.
Section 3 introduces the application of feedback loops to the engineering of self-adaptive systems.
The second feedback loop, however, releases the brake imposed by the first feedback loop, the researchers say.
Kucera (1972)] is well known and its importance is growing due to the simplicity of controller derivation and the fact that some crucial properties of the resulting feedback loop can be easily influenced by the choice of the controller structure, which is not hard to do within the scope of this approach.
The present paper is focused exclusively on the tools used in linking structure to behaviour, that is, how behaviour patterns may be attributed to feedback loops (or external driving forces) and how the relative importance of different feedback loops may shift over time (shifting 'loop dominance').
When health care providers compete at the level of the medical condition, on real prices and real results, the feedback loops will become extremely compelling.
They contain complete nonvolatile analog absolute encoder feedback loops and can be driven directly from an accurate voltage source or from standard D/A interfaces.
complex immune system and its many "up-" and "down-regulating" feedback loops.
We're still trying to determine if it's a direct effect on the adipose cells and how they differentiate or proliferate, or whether it's a disruption of the endocrine feedback loops.
However, as cells regulate their activities and respond to the environment, they use many of the same tricks that go into digital circuits, such as on-off switches and feedback loops.