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the raw material that is required for some industrial process

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Algae is a prime example of renewable bio feed stock as it can grow daily rather than by the season and does not affect the food supply, such as traditional crops like corn and wheat.
Legislation is now in place in the Western Hemisphere that forces industry to consider alternative feed stocks to coal, oil, and gas.
Hamilton says cobalt and nickel-bearing materials taken from recycled goods such as batteries from computer and cell phones are separated through a proprietary process with the valuable metals extracted and put into the smelting process as feed stock.
Unlike traditional ethanol, which is produced from agriculturally demanding and valuable feed stocks, such as corn, wheat or soy, cellulose or cellulosic ethanol may be produced from a variety of agricultural waste or non- agricultural plants, such as waste wood, sawdust, paper pulp, corn stover and switchgrass.
Mantra and Northwind are evaluating plans for construction of an ethanol production facility in British Columbia, Canada, that would take advantage on the abundance of waste wood feed stock available there as a result of pine beetle infestations and forestry activities.
Unlike other industrial countries, where companies are allowed to buy and hold their own shares as treasury stock, Japanese firms are allowed to do so only under certain conditions -- usually to feed stock option schemes or to cancel shares.
For rendering feed stock to petrochemicals maker Petkim, which will help cut Turkey s dependence on imported refined oil products, SOCAR is constructing $5.
The feed stock for Thermax is 97% methane, the cleanest burning fossil fuel.
Their gasification process works through an indirect heating process that involves no combustion of the waste feed stock.
While some of these rheometers are capable of varying pressure within the test chamber, I have yet to read about test results, using these instruments, that could be correlated with slippage of feed stock in various types of manufacturing equipment.
This agreement is in line with International Ferro Metals stated strategy to obtain higher-grade feed stock for our furnaces and allow for more flexibility and cost effectiveness in our operations," the company said in a statement.
As a possible stage 2 development the plant must be capable of handling food wastes as a feed stock.
Wilmot, CEO, has confirmed that Eagle has finalized the sale to ECI of Tunisia (North Africa) for $970,000 (US) to provide a complete processing platform to produce caustic soda using concentrated brines as the feed stock.
Tenders are invited for ATEX Inspection, Services and Works for Biomass Feed Stock Area within NIBF2
The Fertilizer Policy 2001 granted a certain lower price for gas feed stock to all post-2001 plants.