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As these often XML-based [5] feeds are designed to be machine readable they are typically consumed by stand-alone or Web browser based feed readers or feed aggregators [6] via a dissemination process referred to as syndication.
Bloglines and Google Reader are examples of feed readers.
Feedly has purely played on user experience in the feed reader market, which is ofcourse overcrowded and questions are being raised about the future of RSS.
New postings will then be delivered to your choice of RSS feed reader as they are posted.
0 Ajax, Adobe Flash 9, an RSS feed reader, and Bluetooth headset.
The end user links to this Feed through an aggregator program also known as a feed reader.
When that resource is updated, the new content appears in the user's RSS feed reader or aggregator.
You can also plug RSS feeds into a feed reader, or take those same feeds and set up a personalized homepage.
As previously noted, Outlook is not the only feed reader.
So, with one simple feed reader application, a user can keep track of dozens or hundreds of feeds without having to regularly visit the Web sites of the publisher, in this case the newspapers.
There's a redesigned user interface, tabbed browsing, a built-in RSS feed reader and a new Favorites Center.
It allows users to subscribe to AOL Music Now data feeds through the My AOL compliant RSS Feed reader or website, in order to create and publish updated music features within applications and sites.
All you have to do is download an RSS feed reader to read the XML format when it goes out on the Web, checks for what's new and lets you know that new information is available.