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a building where livestock are fattened for market

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The estimates are simply the expected economic impact of a feed lot or dairy employing traditional technology and feed products.
The authors also found that negative links between house prices and feed lots might actually exist but "statistical noise" could have masked them.
A hundred and twenty feed lots averaging 55,000 head of cattle each.
For example, two tracts along either side of SD-63 have a total of 12,692 acres, all with good fencing and water, and that includes the home that serves as headquarters, along with the feed lots with a capacity of 900 head for buffalo, or more for cattle," said Schrader.
Beef research includes breeding studies and comparing animals finished in the pasture to those in the feed lot.
The animals will spend the last five months of their lives in a feed lot in Junction City or Madras, feeding on a ration of grain that includes barley that Ninkasi Brewing Co.
The Councils efforts to increase exports of DDGS and other value-added grains; The Councils involvement in building a beef feed lot in Morocco and the impact it will have on corn and sorghum exports; Biotechnology; Value-enhanced grains; Trade policy.
Operating much like an "industrial feed lot," says one public official, the facilities would significantly disturb wildlife movement, impair winter range, and harm American Indian cultural resources known to be in the area.
In 1995, prices for feed lot cattle were down to about 59 cents a pound and calf prices were in the 40- to 50-cents-per-pound range, he says.
Lot 1 - Regular supply of feed for laying Lot 2 - Periodic delivery of feed for rodents Lot 3 - Regular supply of animal feed lot 4 - Periodic delivery of groats lot 5 - Periodic delivery wheat Lot 6 - Regular supply of corn Lot 7 - Regular supply of chalk lot 8 - Regular supply of dried spirit producing residue assignor shall pay for the delivered compound feed within 30 calendar days of receiving the delivery.
That's a much different picture than the one presented by many mainstream cattle producers who send their cattle to a feed lot at the end of their lives to be fattened up with grains loaded with all sorts of unholy stuff.
I read the Book of James a whole lot,'' says Guy Payne, a fifth-generation rancher who works a second job processing animals at a feed lot in Kansas.
Lee took the challenge and opened the first Brangus Feed Lot.
If half the stillage production was consumed by the current cattle population in Timiskaming, a 5,200-head feed lot would be necessary to dispose of the distillers dried grains used in ethanol manufacturing.
Goats do not thrive well in a feed lot situation, where they live on dirt and are fed grain.