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As these often XML-based [5] feeds are designed to be machine readable they are typically consumed by stand-alone or Web browser based feed readers or feed aggregators [6] via a dissemination process referred to as syndication.
lt;p>Earlier this week, the five-year-old company added real-time feed search to its site and announced that it had agreed to buy real-time feed aggregator FriendFeed Inc.
ZWS consists of six components: Dashboard; Social Network; Communities; Workspace; Feed Aggregator and Modules.
com, a feed aggregator owned by the Times Company that monitors blog postings and the online conversations they inspire.
Shared calendars, the Vibe feed aggregator and the ability to publish to your Journal from a mobile phone are just some of the collaborative features of Journal.
Additional features include FeedFinder(TM), the ability to search for RSS URLs, LinkFinder(TM), to discover links to specific sites or blogs and MyFeedster(TM), a personalized feed aggregator for updated information from chosen sources or subjects.
Extensive and constantly expanding syndication network in included Viral Visibility Package features content syndication to hundreds of the web's largest and most popular content sharing, viral video and social media sites, RSS feed aggregators and videos search engines, podcasting and video podcasting directories.