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a fee without limitation to any class of heirs

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The authors' approach becomes clear when rent shortfalls are addressed for what they are: negative cash flow to the fee simple estate.
This advantage or disadvantage is created by a lease and cannot (by definition) be the source of obsolescence in valuing the fee simple estate.
All but two of the loans (91% of total principal) are secured by a first lien on each borrower's fee simple estate.
The total value of the fee simple estate in 1975 was estimated to be $2,640,000.
A ground lease must be capable of being financed without encumbering the landlord's fee simple estate in the land and reversionary interest in the improvements.
For VAB purposes, market value is the unencumbered fee simple estate of a property as if offered to the market in an arm's length transaction on January 1st of the calendar year.
The borrower's fee simple estate secures 211 of the mortgage loans and , the borrower's leasehold estate provides security for the remaining eight mortgages.
The advantage of this approach is that the "as if stabilized market value" is often much easier to estimate and all three valuation approaches can often be applied, resulting in a reliable value indication for the theoretical fee simple estate.
Lennhoff's approach for the valuation of the fee simple estate (the fee simple estate being the estate where the $2 million lease is not in place) is to put the lease aside, as though it did not exist.