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any federal law-enforcement officer

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The team has quickly advanced the concept of FED technology for use in automotive applications from the design stage to the evaluation phase.
With this sale, FEDS has taken a significant step towards becoming a major player in the global payment processing industry," said David Lema, Chief Executive Officer of FEDS.
We are delighted to have United Overseas Bank Malaysia as our first partner bank in Malaysia," said Steve Corbin, President of FEDS Asia.
ECM has selected PixTech's FED for its ability to provide clear and precise images even in direct sunlight conditions.
First Ecom also announced that the FEDS Payment Switch is now operational.
LETI (Laboratoire d'Electonique de Technologie et d'Instrumenations), the research arm of CEA (Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique -- the French atomic agency), is responsible for special tasks and SAES Getter, a world leader in getters, will optimize getter materials for FEDs.
The 7-inch color FED development is partly funded from an Information Society Technologies program of the European Commission, as announced with a press release in January 2000.
It has always been our strategy to use the monochrome product to prove production viability of FEDs.
FEDS will provide secure, online, real-time authorization and settlement for all credit card transactions conducted on the Web sites of e-merchants having accounts with Bank of Bermuda in the Cayman Islands.
FEDS was created by First Ecom and Bank of Bermuda as an independent third-party payment processor licensed by Visa and MasterCard to provide banks and their merchants with the unique FEDS processing solution.
These FEDs will be 7-inch (diagonally), full color, have a 16:9 aspect ratio with 480 x 234 resolution and will be true video rate capable.
Prior to the earthquake, PixTech was in the process of completing the qualification phase and fine-tuning the processes for high-volume production of FEDs.