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a hat made of felt with a creased crown

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For the fall and winter season there has been a revival of the stingy-brim fedora, which is a brim of 1 1/2 inches wide.
A fedora has been around for more than a century and it was the signature hat style of movie legends like Humphrey Bogart as well as gangsters, private eyes and newspaper reporters.
A fedora looks best angled slightly to one side and titled forward so the brim rests right above the eyebrows.
Even though a fedora is seemingly menswear-inspired, it can still have a feminine touch by adding a hat band, beads, flowers or feathers.
Because they are quite angular fedoras do suit most people.
And the current cream of the crop, for celebrities in any event, is the fedora (as our American friends call it) or in old fashioned British speak, the trilby.
Tie Rack for instance boasts a variety of fedora styles, from ultra classic to funky chic and interest has boomed following press pictures of celebrities sporting similar styles.