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a hat made of felt with a creased crown

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Through puddled rainwater on the foggy Casablanca airport tarmac, Bogart (playing nightclub and casino operator Rick Blaine) walked, his back to the camera, a fedora and a trench coat to turn away the dreary weather.
Usually black, gray, or brown, the fedora was invented some 25 years before the war.
It's often described as having a narrower brim, but then again, fedora brims varied widely.
Because they are quite angular fedoras do suit most people.
And the current cream of the crop, for celebrities in any event, is the fedora (as our American friends call it) or in old fashioned British speak, the trilby.
If fedora manufacturers and spy novel publishers are the folks who stand to lose the most, the most obvious winner in this unique historical moment is the comedy industry.