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Synonyms for federated

Synonyms for federated

united under a central government


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A discussion on how the reuse of the LEX\SAR IEPD was implemented to provide the Michigan Intelligence Operation Center, a standardized view of information gathered though federated query and response services.
Using a revolutionary federated query engine, Cirro enables users to create mash-up-style analytics with big data and traditional data sources with little to no assistance from the IT organization.
In the information sharing world of law enforcement there have long been two approaches: a consolidated environment where information is centralized and refreshed to stay current or a federated query capability to access information on demand.
Hadoop data can be federated along with data from other sources, including the ability to embed the federated query in a data management job flow.
Federated Query Server which provides unified search access to information repositories, file systems, document management systems, and intranets to aggregate collections for discovery.
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