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Synonyms for federated

Synonyms for federated

united under a central government


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Cirro features a data hub for the federated query and a means of accessing that data through Excel and other traditional business intelligence tools--all with an overarching optimizer that analyzes each possible access method and chooses the best path, McKnight said.
The ability of Composite PerformancePlus Adapters to intelligently evaluate and leverage the specific capabilities of each underlying data source enables Composite's query engine to deliver optimal federated query performance is very compelling," said William McKnight, president of McKnight Consulting Group.
Composite 6 now fully supports Sybase IQ and HP Vertica access and federated query optimization, simplifying and accelerating enterprisewide data virtualization of Sybase IQ and Vertica sources.
By combining LumenSoft's enterprise scalable Excel solution with the SOA-driven arcplan budgeting, planning and forecasting solution set and our federated query, analysis and write-back technology, customers are essentially getting the best of both worlds.
BizTalk and SharePoint can provide significant value on their own, but the combination of these technologies with Enterprise Enabler rapidly provides the broadest spectrum of connected systems scenarios" noted Pamela Szabo, senior vice president and CIO of Stone Bond Technologies, "Enterprise Enabler adds material and prompt value to business process orchestration, data integration and SOA enablement through its broad set of connectivity, virtual relationships and federated query enhancements," concluded Szabo.
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