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the idea of a federal organization of more or less self-governing units

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What happened was that the commission voted for the federal system in a presidential form,' Pimentel said.
The success of the federal system in Australia is founded on the inherited British Westminster conventions and strengthened by a strong two-party system.
Reynaldo Umali (2nd District, Oriental Mindoro), chairman of the House committee on justice, pointed out that the country seems to be headed towards a federal system of government.
The Sudanese delegations are in Addis Ababa, taking part in a workshop to share Ethiopia's experiences on the federal system of governance.
The Afghan politicians were urged to initiate efforts at converting the presidential form of government into a federal system.
The other state and local taxes, particularly income and sales taxes, are (1) not as politically endangered and (2) not as desirable from the perspective of the theory of tax assignment in a federal system.
Fortunately, any risks that arise out of development of an optional federal system are mitigated precisely by the fact that it is optional.
Some individuals consider the federal system more efficient than state courts primarily because it offers prompt indictments and allows fewer offenders to obtain pretrial release through the use of bonds.
I believe that a constitutional convention in which the framers and delegates are directly elected by their constituents from their respective districts should be held to avoid doubt and suspicion that the federal system was forced upon the Filipino people using the constituent assembly as a vehicle for its approval.
July 1, 14 (BOR) -- Youth from South Sudan's Jonglei state have strongly rejected the introduction of a federal system of governance proposed by the country's rebel faction under the leadership of Riek Machar.
The Federal system uses VR staff to make all pertinent decisions through personal contact with the client.
Businessmen have expressed support for the new administration's move toward a federal system of government, but they were concerned about the possibility of political dynasties strengthening their hold on their respective bailiwicks under this structure.
June 30, 2014 (KAMPALA) -- Church leaders and women's group in South Sudan's Unity state have voiced their support for a federal system of government amid growing calls for its implementation.
FOLLOWING President Duterte's promise during the election campaign, Congress has tabled a proposal to establish a federal system of government.
The students' union chairperson, however, believes that endorsing a federal system in the new nation would give other minority tribes the voice for representation in the national government.
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