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a consolidation and codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States

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Congressional intent to permit (or preclude) private enforcement is irrelevant, as is the issue of whether the language of the federal statute lends itself to judicial enforcement.
People using the quotation these days don't always name a federal statute as its source, but when they do it's usually the Federal Elections Act, the Canada Elections Act, the Elections Act of Canada or the Dominion Elections Act- and the date given is anywhere from 1867 to 1906.
Like Shamrock, these new surveillance programs lack any sanction in federal statute.
The law is a successor to the 1993 federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), a federal statute that barred all government actions substantially burdensome to some religious freedoms, unless the government actions were supported by a compelling interest.
Legal challenges to the federal statute have also failed, even in light of the Supreme Court's 1995 decision in U.
I am also responding to some legislators' fears that any action on this issue is foreclosed, due to federal statutes that appear to prevent states from enacting residency for undocumented persons who might be living in their states.
As a result, the petition must be dismissed since FDCPA, being a federal statute, preempted the conflicting requirements of RPAPL under which these eviction proceedings were commenced.
The Alaska Supreme Court rejected Allstate's contention, finding that although the federal statute may establish certain ground rules of coverage and policy interpretation, there was no federal preemption of state law-based fraud actions.
A federal statute creating a cause of action against hospitals that violate the statute's provisions.
Nor can he bring a new case in federal court since sexual orientation, unlike race or religion, is not protected under federal statute.
This federal statute prohibits a physician from referring Medicare or Medicaid patients to entities with which the physician has a financial relationship.
The Court also held that the federal statute embodies a de minimis rule, with the test being whether the activity in question "establishes a nontrivial additional connection with the taxing state.
The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, however, reversed, finding that the confession was admissible under the federal statute that had replaced the mandatory requirements of Miranda.
His analysis took a step-by-step evaluation of the federal statute and compared it with the New York RPAPL.
The same is also true in Pennsylvania; however, its statute is somewhat more outdated, as it allows only corporations that qualify under the Federal statute that existed on Jan.
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