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a member of the Union Army during the American Civil War

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Nine trucks, carrying close to 200 armed Mexican federal soldiers, prepare to leave Morelia, a small community in Chiapas, Mexico.
Richard Moore was whipped by some unknown persons," the Observer thundered, "though not unmercifully, and not for being a Federal soldier, for he never was one, but for conduct that would have brought the same or worse punishment to a white man.
The film's coverage of the latter, the site of a brutal government crackdown that resulted in the rape of thirty women by federal soldiers, confirms the extent to which the filmmakers share popular perceptions of the government and its proxies as brutal instruments of intimidation wielded on the upper classes' behalf.
Besides escaped slaves and farmers, they functioned as Federal soldiers and sailors, free tradesmen and artisans, newspapermen, spies, schoolteachers, Underground Railway workers, politicians, and scores of other positions.
The general atmosphere of insecurity has calmed down since last September, when a French journalist and local politician were arrested and accused of organising yet another coup, but tensions did rise during the election campaign when one of the Grande Comore government ministers was arrested and detained by federal soldiers.
Then, at the age of 19, he was linked to the Liberty robbery, though his family claimed he was at home in bed wounded by Federal soldiers.
The general's concerns grew recently when the Defense Department suggested that 1,600 federal soldiers might be deputized as Border Patrol and Customs Service agents at the nation's borders.
Until recently, the only large scale military policing of the nation had occurred in the post-Civil War South, where federal soldiers often played a major law enforcement role even after the return of civilian governments.
The peshmerga are considered the most able military force in Iraq, but their government has been cash-strapped of late and they have struggled to hold the territory they grabbed when federal soldiers retreated in the face of an initial IS onslaught two months ago.
Waging war on Southern civilians wasn't the result of a few out-of-control Federal soldiers but, in fact, was "a deliberate policy of the Lincoln administration," wrote historian Thomas J.
Then at the age of 19, he was linked to the Liberty robbery though his family claimed he was at home in bed wounded by Federal soldiers.
Under the federal Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act, those on active military duty may be able to get late payment penalties reduced or halt the sale of tax defaulted properties.
The fact is, Federal soldiers wanted to burn it just as they had burned a number of the big homes in Oxford, Holly Springs, and other towns--had it not been for a Union Captain Ellett who stopped them.
GROZNY: Chechen rebels claimed to have trapped a Russian unit in an ambush yesterday and killed 30 federal soldiers.
Watt McKinney, the WPA interviewer who recounted Henry Turner's version of the Singfield story, says that Singfield "was in large measure encouraged and assisted by the commanders of the Federal soldiers who were garrisoned at Helena for many months after the war.
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