United States Marshals Service

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the United States' oldest federal law enforcement agency is responsible today for protecting the Federal Judiciary and transporting federal prisoners and protecting federal witnesses and managing assets seized from criminals and generally ensuring the effective operation of the federal judicial system

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He tries to clear his name and find the real killer, but a federal marshal (Jones) with no interest in the case just wants to find his man.
The men also pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiring to assault two federal marshals, for an incident last April at the federal court complex in downtown Miami.
New York, Shawwal 1, 1435, Jul 28, 2014, SPA -- A fugitive task force and a sex-assault suspect got into a shootout Monday in Greenwich Village, leaving the suspect dead and two federal marshals and a police detective wounded, authorities said.
The photograph shows her being escorted down steps from the school premises by federal marshals.
James Georgeson was fatally shot by federal marshals in a supermarket parking lot.
Fleiss walked away with federal marshals, telling her family: ``It's OK.
On the morning of September 6, 1997, Federal Marshals from Orange County, California, conducted a raid on Just Golf, the suspected supplier of counterfeit golf clubs seized in raids on three Play It Again Sports locations in Phoenix, Arizona.
The body's disappearance came to light when federal marshals raided and seized the 300-acre Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation compound in February 1991 to satisfy a $2.
After Five Senses ignored numerous warnings from PEI to remove Playboy's copyrighted images from the site, federal marshals raided Five Senses' San Diego offices and seized computer hard-drives and CD-ROMS containing Playboy images.
Federal marshals seized the 300-acre Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation compound in Dyer in February 1991 to satisfy a $2.
Ten federal marshals participated in the surprise raid, seizing over $160,000 worth of products.
The vault was broken open and her body was missing, however, when federal marshals seized the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation compound to satisfy a $2.
Bridges will be accompanied at the ceremony by Barbara Henry, the white first-grade teacher at the Frantz school who taught Ruby to read and add, as well as by one of the federal marshals who escorted her to and from school.
The program even featured a quote from Young of the Christian Family Association saying that Alabama children are "scared to voice their opinions for fear federal marshals will arrest them.
Quoting from a laundry list of alleged criminal activities, the author notes that "in February, 2006, federal marshals seized about sixty-one thousand litres of what was supposedly extra virgin olive oil and twenty-six thousand litres of a lower-grade olive oil from a New Jersey warehouse.
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