United States Marshals Service

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the United States' oldest federal law enforcement agency is responsible today for protecting the Federal Judiciary and transporting federal prisoners and protecting federal witnesses and managing assets seized from criminals and generally ensuring the effective operation of the federal judicial system

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A federal marshal teams up with a skydiver to capture a computer hacker on the run from the law.
In this gripping account, Maxwell, a retired surgeon, describes the post Civil War events from the perspective of a federal marshal, George R.
Meanwhile, his wife ( Ti lda Swinton) wants to leave him for an over-sexed federal marshal (George Clooney), while two fitness cent re employees plan to blackmail him.
Lipman, who decided to publish the information despite the protests of a federal marshal, later called it "an emotional experience.
A federal marshal spotted Camacho on the sidewalk on the way to his apartment, hit the lights and swung a U-turn.
Virgil was soon named a federal marshal and eventually deputized his brothers to help him bring the town's unruly elements under control.
As with any event in Anita's life, a murder takes place and she is forced to leave the wedding to fulfill her duties as a consultant to the Regional Preternatural Investigation Unit and a Federal Marshal.
On April 7, a federal marshal confiscated the recorders of two reporters during a speech by U.
A revival of the Western series is looming on the cable horizon, evidenced by the decision of USA Network last week to greenlight "Peacemakers," starring Tom Berenger as a federal marshal in the Old West of 1882.
The two sides engaged in sporadic gunfights, killing two protesters and paralyzing a federal marshal.
The federal marshal is not a guy you see on TV, so it'll be hard for Henderson to reprise his top cop role.
In McVeigh's warped mind, the 12 men and women had delivered the verdict that will make him a martyr when a lethal injection, administered by a federal marshal, ends his life .
Canby soon after, he resigned and returned to his hometown (August 1865); served in Congress and the state senate (1865-1878); federal marshal for Massachusetts (1879-1888), then served again in Congress until forced to retire due to ill-health (1888-1891); died in Waltham (September 1, 1894).
50pm) FILM OF THE DAY Drop Zone (Sky Movies Action & Federal marshal Pete Nessip escorts a convicted computer hacker to a new facility.
2009) US MARSHALS (Five, 9pm) A federal marshal sets out in pursuit of an escaped prisoner who is determined to prove his murder conviction was false.
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