grand jury

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a jury to inquire into accusations of crime and to evaluate the grounds for indictments

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When subpoenaed to appear before the federal grand jury, Judith Miller assumed the martyr's pose, insisting she couldn't violate her confidentiality agreement with her unnamed source, Scooter Libby.
Three months later, Collatos was hauled before a federal grand jury, granted immunity from further prosecution for past acts, and questioned about corruption in the White administration.
Dowie and Stodder were indicted last year by a federal grand jury on conspiracy and wire fraud charges alleging they bilked the city Department of Water and Power out of more than $300,000.
Six suspects were indicted by a federal grand jury this week; 13 others had previously been indicted, but those indictments were unsealed only this week.
In the meantime, Boeing said last year that a federal grand jury subpoenaed records monitoring storm water pollution leaving the field lab.
The temporary, relaxed limits come a few weeks after Boeing revealed that a federal grand jury last month subpoenaed the company's records monitoring storm water leaving the lab.
Now Boeing officials confirm that a federal grand jury has subpoenaed records relating to the monitoring of contamination from the lab and to the locations of runoff on the property.
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