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a tax imposed on transfers of property by gift during the lifetime of the giver

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2) Pierre regards the SMLLC's existence for federal gift tax purposes, yet the check-the-box regulations disregard the SMLLC for income tax purposes.
federal gift tax exposure because the partnership interest should be intangible property not subject to U.
25) Finally, this article examines South Dakota's DAPT statutes and discusses whether a settlor's transfers to a South Dakota DAPT could be considered completed gifts for federal gift tax purposes and whether the transferred assets could be excluded from the settlor's gross estate for federal estate tax purposes.
If a person refuses to accept an interest in property (a disclaimer), is he considered to have made a gift of the interest for federal gift tax purposes?
The federal gift tax is one way to keep people from escaping the estate tax.
As we write this article, some members of Congress are considering a recommendation that would decrease the federal gift tax exemption from its current $5 million before the end of 2012.
5 million per person, and just $1 million per person from federal gift tax liability, this is a very large break for a very large number of taxpayers.
In the case of any property subject to the federal gift tax, the transferor is the donor.
There are also significant federal gift tax changes taking place over the next few years.
5 million 2010 0% Unlimited 2011 * 55% $1 million * Projected Note: Effective in 2002, a person could gift $1 million over his or her lifetime without owing any federal gift tax.
The federal gift tax is a tax on the right to transfer property during life.
Under the federal gift tax provisions, an individual may give--under most circumstances--up to $13,000 per person, as indexed in 2010 for inflation, annually free of gift tax.
Only if you exceed the $12,000 limit per recipient do you need to file a federal gift tax return.
Federal tax law allows for a general accelerated gift option that permits individuals to average gifts over $12,000 per beneficiary ($24,000 for married couples based on 2006 levels) over a five-year period without getting socked with a Federal gift tax.
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