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Furthermore,he directed measures to make immediate arrangements for the up-gradation of the infrastructure in the Federal Courts and Tribunals Lahore.
According to Erie, federal courts must defer to state supreme courts concerning the content and scope of state law.
Further, the court noted that the Federal Court had previously denied jurisdiction over the case when the defendant hospital had sought to have the case removed to the Federal Court five years earlier.
While plaintiffs' lawyers couldn't accuse corporations of violating federal securities laws (those claims may be made in federal courts only), they could accuse corporations of common law fraud or violating state (as opposed to federal) securities laws.
While litigants often debate the scope of "relevance," the Federal Courts routinely err in favor of permitting discovery.
Federal courts have struck down some state laws regulating pornography, ruling that the First Amendment prohibits what the courts have described as the "freedom of expression.
Other speakers targeted the federal courts, a regular object of Religious Right wrath.
Then an appeals court ruled that Smith was entitled to nothing because federal courts lack jurisdiction in probate disputes.
Federal courts are generally loath to substitute their judgment for that of the agency entrusted by Congress with the task of administering a statutory program.
This rash of federal court cases moved the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to launch a petition drive in support of a number reporters facing court sanctions for refusing to obey court orders to reveal their sources.
Between June and September of 2004 federal courts in California, New York, and Nebraska all ruled unconstitutional a ban on so-called partial-birth abortion enacted last year by Congress and gleefully signed into law by George W.
He explained that there have been other failed attempts to strip federal courts of jurisdiction on specific issues.
Rehnquist warned: "The number of cases brought to the federal courts is one of the most serious problems facing them today.
She called for various court-stripping measures that would deny the federal courts the right to hear certain types of cases.
The appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and the jurisdictions of all inferior federal courts are what need changing.
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