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the internal counterintelligence agency of the Russian Federation and successor to the Soviet KGB

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Alexander Bortnikov, head of the FSB federal security service, declared that relatives of a woman who was killed while allegedly preparing a New Year's Eve suicide bombing in Moscow are suspected of providing assistance in the airport bombing.
The Federal Security Service was investigating the killing of Russian soldiers in Muslim-dominated Chechnya.
British diplomats in Moscow were yesterday accused by Russia's federal security service, the FSB, of spying and secretly channelling funds to independent human rights groups.
According to Litvinenko, as reported in the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, on July 17, "Ayman al-Zawahiri trained at a Federal Security Service (FSB, former KGB) base in Dagestan in 1998.
A duty officer at the Federal Security Service said the unidentified man was stopped by Moscow police around 1am.
Since May 2000 the head of the Federal Security Service (FSB), which is the domestic successor to the KGB, Patrushev has worked closely with Putin and Ivanov for the secret service.
The Federal Security Service - known as the FSB - yesterday offered the 300million rouble reward for accurate information that could help 'neutralise' the terrorist leaders.
The Federal Security Service (FSB), the main successor to the Soviet KGB, said the two rebel leaders had been responsible for "inhuman terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The Russian Federal Security Service FSB has seized a shipment of books that allegedly reveal state secrets about the service.
A special team of the Federal Security Service (FSB) discover explosive devices late at night in the village of Tolstopaltsevo, 30 km south-west of Moscow.
Previously, this martial-arts expert was a government spy and head of his country's Federal Security Service.
Russia has refused entry to 16 members of the Tokyo-based AUM Shinrikyo religious cult this year, Federal Security Service (FSB) head Nikolay Patrushev said Tuesday, according to Interfax news agency.
The official literature of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) now openly treats the Soviet-era KGB as a respectable, if imperfect, predecessor.
The Federal Security Service, successor to the KGB, is now having him retried for treason.
Sergei Vasiliev, a spokesmen for the Federal Security Service, an heir to the old Soviet KGB The Federal Security Service is spearheading the case against Nikitin.
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