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a major political party in the United States in the early 19th century

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He said that PPP is the largest federal party in the country, adding that despite facing ups and downs in its political journey, the party had not cowered down.
On June 20, Lewis Cardinal announced he hopes to once more carry the banner for the federal party in the riding of Edmonton Centre.
He said that PPP is a federal party and a symbol of national unity and it believed in serving the people of Pakistan and had always won their support whenever transparent elections were held in the country.
She had received an e-mail from the federal party in October 2008 asking if she had any issues with the behaviour of Lord Rennard, she said.
But over the past decade, many Catholic voters have abandoned the federal party, although they have stubbornly remained loyal to Dalton McGuinty's Grits in Ontario.
The Prime Minister said that the hotly contested election clearly manifested the PPP popularity among the poor people of the country and was the most popular federal party of the country.
Many state parliamentarians wanted to take the lead and respond to Catholic community pressure but they were repeatedly humiliated by the federal party organization, led by Joe Chamberlain, the federal secretary, who refused to budge.
Cameron and White's analysis of past transitions in Ontario (the Liberals in 1985, the New Democrats in 1990, and the Progressive Conservatives in 1995) shows that each process embraced the first three indicators of partisanship outlined earlier: the transition team included members from the federal party (or from other provincial parties), advice was sought by the provincial party and given from the federal party, and personnel was recruited from the federal cousin.
It is worth noting that the Tamils, who were victims of the Sinhala violence, mobilized politically without any violence under moderate parties such as the Federal Party (FP).
The Ontario NDP adopted affirmative action guidelines as early as 1989, while the federal party introduced quotas for women candidates in 1991.
Following the broadcast of the Sky investigation, a Liberal Democrat spokesman said: "With the support of the federal party, the regional party launched an immediate investigation.
In the aftermath of this stalemate, Sydney Greens moved to decentralise the control of federal party registration, more clearly representing themselves as interim 'custodians' until some agreed national structure could evolve.
IN 1996, the Liberal Democrats federal party conference decided university tuition fees were a bad idea and students should not have to pay them.
IN 1996, the Lib Dem federal party conference decided university tuition fees were a bad idea and students should not have to pay them.
Which federal party will be first to seize on the realities of the New Ontario?
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