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Synonyms for extortion

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an exorbitant charge

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unjust exaction (as by the misuse of authority)

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the felonious act of extorting money (as by threats of violence)

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If the officers were not guilty of the state offenses, they could not be guilty of the federal offenses either.
Further, the SSPT team firmly believes that this activity involves one or more federal offenses and the attempt "will not be tolerated," affirms Barrett.
attorneys, the number of arrests for federal offenses, the number of defendants in cases filed in U.
8) In 1984, Congress enacted the Sentencing Reform Act which abolished parole for federal offenses.
A man who tried to lure what he thought was a 14-year-old girl into having sex with him pleaded guilty to two federal offenses Monday.
Often a witness does not have to deviate too far from the literal truth to satisfy his handlers, since there are many federal offenses for which legally sufficient evidence of guilt consists of nothing more than what a target is alleged to have said.
Due to the current political environment, Congress feels compelled to respond to every social ill or sensational crime by passing new federal offenses without considering whether the states are currently doing their jobs.
Raymond Paternoster's Capital Punishment in America (Lexington Books/ Macmillan) is a thoroughly researched introduction to the subject, but though it was published only two years ago, it is already somewhat out of date: Recent court decisions designed to "unclog" the Federal courts have made it even easier to put convicts to death, public attitudes have hardened, and the Clinton Administration's crime bill would authorize execution for some four dozen Federal offenses.
Those charged with various federal offenses are Francisco Felix-Moya, Guadalupe Melecio-Lopez, Elisa Bustamante, Eduardo Flores, Noah Salas, Gregory A.
The federal government's authority with respect to federal offenses of general applicability, such as the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), (2) is rather straightforward.
The ATF can also more readily tie cases to federal offenses and lengthen jail sentences for those selling guns illegally.
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