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Synonyms for magistrate

Synonyms for magistrate

a public official who decides cases brought before a court of law in order to administer justice

Words related to magistrate

a lay judge or civil authority who administers the law (especially one who conducts a court dealing with minor offenses)

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2) a Federal magistrate judge orders the detention of the person before trial pursuant to [18 U.
Hnatowski, Measured Progress: The Evolution and Administration of the Federal Magistrate Judges System, 44 Am.
The bill would have increased the number of federal magistrates, placed them on Indian reservations, and increased their investigative capabilities by authorizing them to use state, county, and tribal law enforcement officers in warrants, summonses, arrests, and trial procedures.
Federal Magistrate Judge Donald Cabell, speaking after the crowd recited the oath of allegiance in unison, said the richly decorated hall was an appropriate venue for the occasion.
And this time, the federal magistrate wouldn't even let him remain free while awaiting sentencing.
In a letter to a federal magistrate judge in New York, Khobragade's lawyer requested an extension of the time by which the US government must file an indictment or commence a preliminary hearing.
New York, August 6 ( ANI ): A federal magistrate has reportedly ruled that the financial settlement between Lady Gaga and her former boyfriend and producer Rob Fusari shall be kept private as it could harm their respective reputations.
He was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on Monday, and will likely make his initial court appearance today before a federal magistrate in Portland.
Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez made his first court appearance before a federal magistrate in Pittsburgh yesterday, one day after he was arrested.
Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez made his first court appearance before a federal magistrate in Pittsburgh Thursday, a day after he was arrested at a western Pennsylvania hotel.
As a military veteran and a former state judge and federal magistrate, Joe has the experience and the convictions to be a strong defender of the Constitution and the principles of faith, family and freedom.
federal magistrate and charged with two counts, trying to provide material
A federal magistrate judge set Johnson's bond at $100,000, ICE reported.
A federal magistrate in Chicago has dismissed a race-and-gender bias suit by a faculty member at Elgin Community College, finding insufficient evidence to justify, a trial.
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