Farm Credit System

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a cooperative nationwide system of banks and associations providing credit to farmers and related businesses

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The System's Federal Land Banks and Federal Intermediate Banks were required to merge.
As is clear, the Godwin case exhibited a crucial identity of key facts with those of Boley: Federal Land Bank occupied the same position relative to the land as had Daniel in Boley--a third-party refinancing lender whose only claimed interest in the property was that it had satisfied a superior lien thereon at the request of the mortgagor.
Diversification risk: Both the FCS's federal land banks of the 1980s and the present-day FHLBanks are restricted geographically in their lending portfolio, and both prevent member institutions from diversifying risk through multiple membership.
He began his 27-year agribusiness career with the Federal Land Bank and Farm Credit Services, and most recently served as commercial loan officer - vice president with Washington Mutual Ag team in Salem.
Previous to working at FCL, Legried was an agricultural lender with a Federal Land Bank Association in Spencer, Iowa.
A native of Lake Providence, Nelson previously worked as a loan officer for the Federal Land Bank in Tallulah.
The underlying irrevocable, direct-pay letter of credit (LOC) issued by the Fresno-Madera Federal Land Bank Association, FLCA, provides the same coverage as the CLOC.
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