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the judiciary of the United States which is responsible for interpreting and enforcing federal laws

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The judicial system in the UAE sets itself apart from its counterparts in the Arab World by functioning in a twofold legal framework which includes the local judiciary and the federal judiciary.
To the extent that the judiciary serves as a guardian of individual rights and other constitutional values, the structural safeguards for the federal judiciary may indirectly protect those constitutional concerns.
He noted that he had appointed more than a third of the federal judiciary expected to be serving when he leaves office, a lifetime-tenured force that will influence society for decades and that represents one of his most enduring accomplishments.
Wolters Kluwer Law & Business (Riverwoods, IL) has begun the production of the "Trial Attorneys Integrated Library," a new electronic resource designed to provide guidance on evidentiary issues and information on members of the federal judiciary.
His work includes Haystack Mountain School of Crafts on Deer Isle, Maine, Crown Center in Kansas City, 590 Madison Avenue (formerly the IBM Building) in New York City, 599 Lexington Avenue, in New York, The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, The Dallas Museum of Art, Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building in Washington, D.
Nevertheless an out-of-control federal judiciary has taken liberties with the Constitution to recast the document as they would have it become, a process which its proponents call an evolving, "living" Constitution.
FOR YEARS, pro-life groups have argued that abortion should be debated by state legislatures, not the federal judiciary.
Bush remakes the federal judiciary in a more conservative mode.
Constance's mother also never expected her daughter to be the first African American woman appointed to a federal judiciary, or to serve as the chief justice of the U.
Swain says, "Her legacy lives on in all aspects of American society and in a diverse federal judiciary.
Along with the increased use of troops, he cites the Administration's attempt "to remove hundreds of cases from the federal judiciary to courts of the President's own creation.
The underlying criticism of the Daily News is not about the term of Ressam's sentence; it is a veiled reprimand for someone who spoke out against a Bush administration decision to exclude the federal judiciary system from reviewing the acts of terrorists.
Michael Schwartz, chief of staff for freshman Republican senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, during a pane/discussion at a right-wing conference on the federal judiciary in Washington, D.
Sunstein has counseled the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee to stand up to the Republicans, whose "disciplined, carefully orchestrated and quite self-conscious effort has radically transformed the federal judiciary," he warned this spring in The American Prospect.
Supreme Court issues a year-end report on the federal judiciary.
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