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an excess of the federal government's spending over its revenue

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So the next time you share your outrage over the size of the current federal deficit, the terrible economic climate, or the threat to our free-market system and way of life, consider the real crime of federal economic irresponsibility is that we ran deficits during the long periods of peace and economic prosperity in the 80s, 90s and 2000s.
Bush's budget proposal, just as the CBO was increasing its projection for the federal deficit this year by 24% to $246 billion.
7 trillion national debt or to save towards meeting Social Security obligations, the House bill could increase the current operating federal deficit by 58 percent and risks converting a projected annual federal budget surplus in the next decade into an annual deficit of as much as $140 billion within a decade.
3) Unprecedentedly large federal deficits associated with major policy shifts, together with a significant drop in household saving, led to historically low national saving.
The mounting federal deficit and ongoing reductions in government services have taken their toll on America's national parks.
If the President's challenge in an era of scarce resources and economic stagnation to fund only the nation's most pressing priorities is to be taken literally, then we question the wisdom and massive size of his proposed tax cut which would disproportionately benefit the wealthiest Americans while running up huge federal deficits.
Despite Greenspan's misleading portrayal by the major media, he is not "an enemy of big government," "an enemy of federal deficits," or a "champion of fiscal discipline.
Bush's future tax cuts be deferred because of the return to federal deficits.
Some people may be puzzled about municipal officials getting involved in educating citizens about the urgency to reduce federal deficits and the national debt.
They just keep extending their own `credit limit' in the form of federal deficits.
Amid burgeoning federal deficits and the accelerating expansion of government, many conservative Republicans doubtless are asking themselves: What on earth is wrong with the GOP?
Daschle did not offer any specific Democratic agenda, nor a proposal to eliminate federal deficits.
According to business contacts, the recent enactment of deficit-reduction legislation had tended to mitigate concerns about the size of future federal deficits, but business executives were now focusing on the implications of higher taxes and many were expressing apprehension about further though still unannounced tax increases that might be associated with health care reform.
President Clinton's budget director, Alice Rivlin, recently sent the President a memorandum that outlined six major budget options to address federal deficits and debts.
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