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an agency in the Department of Transportation that is responsible for the safety of civilian aviation

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The airline was told by a Federal Aviation Administration official, Diane Spitaliere, that the erroneous reports were the result of "misinformation coming from a field office.
A contracting program designed to make the Federal Aviation Administration more efficient cost the government millions in overruns, according to a Transportation Department investigation.
And much of the credit for this improvement to our airport is due to the efforts of Senator Paul Sarbanes, who worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration in procuring the federal funding," said Secretary Lighthizer.
The Federal Aviation Administration categorizes sound levels from jets at three levels, with Stage 1 being the loudest and Stage 3 being the quietest.
Airlines oppose a proposal by the Federal Aviation Administration that would change the way structural fatigue is managed in older planes.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing its commitment to provide increased capacity at the nation's airports, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced today it will award an additional $950 million in nationwide aviation grants by the end of September.
The Federal Aviation Administration is considering allowing more passengers to depart from the airport, which means airlines will use larger planes.
Even in a ``fly at your own risk'' environment, the federal government and the industry will need to come to terms on what information needs to be made available to a prospective passenger, said Federal Aviation Administration Administrator Marion Blakey.
Bush signed a bill that limits lawsuits on the fledgling commercial space industry, provides for an experimental permit process to test new vehicles for the industry, and puts the regulatory responsibilities on the Federal Aviation Administration.
27 has aggravated a conflict between the Federal Aviation Administration and air traffic controllers over the staffing of airport towers.
Ponce formerly worked for the Federal Aviation Administration as manager of the civil aviation security field offices in Dallas - overseeing 27 airports - and Los Angeles, where she was responsible for ensuring that security regulations were followed, maintained and enforced at 17 airports in Southern California including LAX, Burbank and Ontario.
In that context, it is very satisfying to receive reconfirmation from the Federal Aviation Administration that, for the fourth year in a row, we are not only meeting, but also exceeding their regulatory standards.
The software program costs about $18,000 per plane and was developed in response to Federal Aviation Administration concerns over runway accidents and close calls.
and combines information from both sources to prevent ground collisions,'' said Jerry Snyder, spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration.
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