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German physicist who founded psychophysics

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Fechner also refused to name the hospital that had employed her, but, Fox 59 reports that Baker was a part of pediatric care unit was recently issued a nursing license on Oct.
5 ml/ min flow rate (Beverly and Sari, 1983; Pikkarainen and Parviainen 1992; Fechner et al.
The name for this relationship between stimulus and response--Weber's Law--was given by Fechner.
O autor traz consideracoes importantes acerca do campo de pensamento que antecede as formulacoes de Freud, e destaca alguns filosofos e estudiosos, tais como Herbart, Fechner, Von Hartmann, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche.
For most young working women impeded by a lack of education, their working lives lasted only a few years (Ankum, 1997b; Fechner, 2001).
In addition to those considered in The Fractured Self, chapters devoted to Goethe, Carus, von Hartmann, and Fechner broaden the survey while focusing the discussion on the unconscious.
In order to gain the support of labor for his project, Roosevelt appointed Robert Fechner, who at the time was vice president of the AFL's Machinists Association, as director of the CCC program (Stiles 1954, 267; Salmond 1967, chap.
FECHNER, Conny Jimmy Roo Print Design, 2012 unpaged $14.
But some are more startling in their appearance, yet completely justifiable, such as "Concerning Fechner," and "The Hidden Self.
Gustav Theodor Fechner was another German psychologist who later worked on Weber's law.
Schriftstucke von Heinrich Schutz: Unter Verwendung der von Manfred Fechner und Konstanze Kremtz nach den Quellen erarbeiteten Textubertragungen.
Fechner Day 2008: Proceedings of the 24th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics (pp.
A similar method is also represented in the primer with images by Jacob GruBbeutel Eyn Besonder fast nutzlich stymmen buchlein mit figuren (1533, facsimile: Fechner 1882), the illustrations of which do not refer to the first letter of the image, but to the voice.
FOH engineer and production manager Mike Fechner and monitor engineer Jason Glass, both of whom have been with Parton for several years, worked with a Meyer Sound reinforcement system consisting of Milo and Mica line array loudspeakers.
1835) (1848) on the assimilation of the gravitational laws to the constant causes that govern society and the works of Fechner, G.