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German physicist who founded psychophysics

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First, Fechner, being a labor man, assuaged the unions' outcries by ostensibly giving them a position of power to oversee the camps and ensure that the unions' interests were being taken into account.
Mit dem im Jahr 2010 im Kolner Verlag Christoph Dohr erschienenen Band I der Schutz-Dokumente greift Michael Heinemann ein Projekt auf, das, wie der Herausgeber in der Einleitung darlegt, bereits seit Jahren durch das Dresdner HeinrichSchutz-Archiv, namentlich von Konstanze Kremtz und Manfred Fechner vorbereitet wurde.
Alternative character names, such as fe, le, me, ne and re were proposed by Peter Jordan, a printer from Mainz, in his primer (which somewhat imitates Ickelsamer) Leyenschul (1533, facsimile: Fechner 1882), where it is recommended that letters be called by "their right natural names" so when reading one would not spell out the letters but pronounce the syllable immediately.
Gustav Theodor Fechner (1801-1887) is remembered for developing the notion that mental events can be measured in terms of the stimuli that elicit them.
We include a Fechner error term (10) to capture behavioral errors as a function of "Self" and "Agent.
According to Iowa City police, Fechner was the co-host of a large party at his residence.
Rainer Fechner, head of Bell Labs in Germany and member of the management board of Alcatel-Lucent in Germany, said, "What makes EARTH so compelling is that it has the potential to deliver tangible benefits to society on a number of levels: reducing energy consumption of networks and their impact on the environment while making broadband wireless service available to a greater number of people in Europe.
In the area of psychology, Mach embraced the psychophysics of Fechner and the overall system of Wundt, because those positions emphasized the direct experience of the individual.
Aviva investment products distribution development manager, Stuart Fechner, said, 'We believe the potential for SMAs in Australia is huge.
Paired comparison was first introduced in its embryonic form by Fechner in 1860 and, after considerable extensions, made popular by Thurstone in 1927 (David 1963:10).
German spiritualism received scientific support from the physiologist Gustav Fechner who, in addition to his foundational scientific work, published his thoughts on death and the Beyond in two treatises, The Little Book of Life after Death (1836) and Zend-Avesta or Over the Things of Heaven and of the Beyond: From the Viewpoint of the Observation of Nature (1853).
South Africa Brink 233 Gurtt Cymbonotus maidenii Australia Holland & Fechner (G.
Reconciling Fechner and Stevens: Toward a unified psychophysical law.
The study of sensations and perceptions in psychology can be traced to Fechner and Helmholtz in the late 19th century.