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Synonyms for incontinence

a complete surrender of inhibitions

Synonyms for incontinence

indiscipline with regard to sensuous pleasures

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The potential for fecal incontinence caused by sphincter injury from recurrent perirectal abscesses or surgical resection of bowel is not fully explored.
Key clinical point: A minimally invasive proprietary mesh implantation system provided a large reduction in symptoms of fecal incontinence.
Constipation and fecal incontinence are common symptoms in patients with neurologic disorders.
A vaginally inserted device that uses a balloon inflated by the patient to occlude the rectum has been cleared for marketing as a treatment for fecal incontinence in adult women, the Food and Drug Administration announced.
commented: "The results of this study should allow us to help patients with GERD and fecal incontinence, as the regeneration we see here clarifies the mechanism of action of radiofrequency treatment.
Since her last childbirth, she has experienced both urinary and fecal incontinence.
Risk factors for fecal incontinence include: fecal impaction; loss of normal continence mechanisms due to local neuronal damage; impaired neurological control or anorectal trauma/sphincter disruption; conditions overwhelming the normal continence mechanism such as laxative use, diarrhea, colitis, or radiation; behavioral or psychological problems such as delirium, dementia, or severe depression; functional impairment related to hemiplegia or hemiparesis, impaired gait or arthritis; and, in rare cases, neoplasm.
The researchers included 133 patients who were experiencing chronic fecal incontinence of at least two episodes per week and who had an external anal sphincter defect of less than 60 degrees.
While most reflux and some fecal incontinence patients benefit from diet and lifestyle changes and daily medications, surgery may be the only option for patients who have persistent symptoms even after medical treatments.
For example, her firm has specialized inserts for use with more traditional products, to add absorbency for incontinence sufferers: enhanced-absorbency inserts, Topliner I and Topliner II, for urinary and fecal incontinence.
NASDAQ:EMPI) and Utah Medical), Anotron(TM) for fecal incontinence and the BIDDS(TM) glove which is a diagnostic tool.
The LINX Reflux Management System for the treatment of GERD is marketed in both the USA and in Europe and the FENIX[TM] Continence Restoration System for the treatment of Fecal incontinence (FI) is marketed in Europe.
Contract notice: Supply "of equipment for drainage, stoma and urinary and fecal incontinence.
WASHINGTON -- Use of a vaginal bowel control device currently under review by the Food and Drug Administration resulted in a significant reduction of fecal incontinence episodes and significant improvements in quality of life, with only mild and transient adverse events, a pivotal study has shown.
Bad Rappenaeau, Germany based BUCK develops and distributes innovative and advanced biofeedback and electrical stimulation equipment, accessories and consumables for pelvic floor dysfunction in the treatment of urinary and fecal incontinence.