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Recently, we presented an improved procedure for the determination of fecal fat by means of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (1).
The majority of fecal fat is composed mainly of [C.
The steatocrit is a semiquantitative method for measurement of fecal fat content (1); a few studies have reported its clinical applicability in the semiquantitative assessment of the degree of steatorrhea in premature infants and in several pediatric conditions, including cystic fibrosis and acute and chronic diarrhea (2, 3).
They found that the amount of fat in the fatty layer was greater after acidification of the fecal sample and that acid steatocrit results agreed with chemically measured fecal fat better than the classic method did.
The measurement of fecal fat excretion (1) remains an important test in the diagnosis of fat malabsorption despite the development of alternative biochemical investigations, such as the butterfat test (2), steatocrit (3), and triolein breath tests (4), and alternative diagnostic strategies in gastroenterology.
22) found that the 3-day fat concentration (g/100 g) is as effective as fecal fat excretion (g/day), that fat concentration is more constant than fecal weight, and that 1-day fat concentration measurement is as effective as the 3-day measurement.