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if the ground hog emerges and sees his shadow on this day, there will be 6 more weeks of winter

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The video for the track is directed by Mark Romanek (Jay Z - 99 Problems; Johnny Cash - Hurt; Nine Inch Nails - Closer), 60 seconds of which will be shown during a Super Bowl ad break on February 2nd, and on YouTube from 8:00pm GMT the same day.
A sit-in will be organised in front of the premises of the Arab World Institute in Paris in solidarity with the event, raising Sawa Sawa slogans at the same hour on Thursday, February 2nd at 13:30, Paris local time.
The February 2nd event will take place on the eve of the annual Six Nations Rugby tournament in partnership with Barclays Wealth.
The contestants could withdraw their candidature by February 2nd and revised list of candidates would be published on February 3rd.
On February 2nd, Egypt woke up to a strange calmness.
ISLAMABAD, January 26, 2011 (Frontier Star): Meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Interior has been summoned on February 2nd and Chairman Committee Senator Talha Mahmood would preside over the meeting.
This major sports event will run until February 2nd under the aegis of the International Automobile Federation.
A solar-powered catamaran, the sun21, arrived in the harbor of Le Marin, Martinique, France on February 2nd, making it the first motorized vessel to cross the Atlantic without using any fuel.
MARCUS Gronholm will participate in the Galway Rally which takes place between February 2nd and 4th.
Cushman & Wakefield president and chief executive officer Bruce Mosler was honored at The Andrew Glover Youth Program's 25th Annual Celebration, held February 2nd at Manhattan's Chelsea Piers Lighthouse.
To find out more call into Newcastle City Jobcentre Plus, 1, Cathedral Square, Cloth Market, Newcastle upon Tyne, on Thursday, February 2nd between 10am to 4pm, or contact the office on (0191) 215 2190.
The latest nations to ratify were Benin and Estonia on January 2nd and Portugal and Ecuador on February 2nd.
The trees stayed on the board until February 2nd, and I still have one in a scrapbook someplace.
On February 2nd, the EPA proposed draft guidelines that would eventually require medical waste incinerators to emit only one percent of the dioxin emissions that escape from current incinerators.