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a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine

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20 Orange County Register featured articles highlighting Michael Spindler, Michael Miskei, Donald Gursey and Geoffrey Hill .
The Volume 1, number 1 CD reviewed consists of four primary sections: Imaging Departments, Featured Articles and Articles Library, Glossary of Imaging Technology, and a Special Interest Section.
Rush to your nearest library and ask to enjoy the following featured articles in these issues: "Paloma Herrera: Younger Than Springtime," December 1994, beginning on page 50; Viviana Durante--"Royal Rally: Royal Ballet," November 1994, beginning on page 64; Sylvie Guillem, reviews from various companies, 1992; Altynai Asylmuratova: "Letter from London," December 1995; Miyako Yoshida, Prix de Lausanne competition, May 1983.
For the November 2012 issue, it covers two featured articles "The Bureau of Land Management has Announced the Solar Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement to Accelerate Utility-Scale Solar Energy Projects in the US " and "Biomass Power Market Development will Accelerate with Voluntary Conversion of Coal Plants to Renewable Biomass Facilities Scheme in Place", providing excellent analysis on these development.
For the August 2012 issue, it covers two featured articles "Offshore Wind Power in Germany: Cabinet Approves Draft Law to Promote the Resource" and " Switzerland Ready for More Solar PV Tariff Cuts in the Coming Quarters", providing excellent analysis on these development.