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the principal (full-length) film in a program at a movie theater

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Through content partners such as SnagFilms, Dailymotion now has a strong catalogue of feature-length film entertainment, and we are delighted to provide our viewers with a weekly event built around high-quality film," commented Joy Marcus, general manager of Dailymotion US.
A couple of days after hearing that ``Were-Rabbit'' - the first feature-length film about Wallace and Gromit - was an Oscar nominee for best animated feature, Park and Box were still in a silly mood.
And making Rohinton Mistry's 1991 Governor General's Award-winning best-selling novel, Such a Long Journey, into a feature-length film required just that--taking film crews into parts of Bombay that even the local police categorically refuse to patrol; shooting a script which required constant babysitting by the Indian government's liaison officer; and working in an environment where sectarian violence can interrupt a shooting schedule at any moment.
In this year's one feature-length film, Shu Lea Cheang's Fresh Kill, 1994, the issue is much less the body politics of a biracial lesbian couple than the impending ecodisaster that taints the sushi they eat and looms above them in the blood-red sky.
Capote'' director Bennett Miller, who received his first Oscar nod for his first feature-length film, wondered why he was feeling nonchalant about being nominated with Clooney, Ang Lee, Steven Spielberg and Paul Haggis.
POKEMON mania went up a gear in Britain yesterday with the arrival of a feature-length film.
I TRUST YOU TO KILL ME", the debut feature-length film of Manu Boyer, is a Motion Picture Group/MRB Production presented by First Independent Pictures in association with Ironworks Music.
A decade after the last ``Wallace & Gromit'' short and five years after Park co-directed the popular and acclaimed ``Chicken Run,'' Park has resurrected his favorite formative characters for a feature-length film, ``Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit,'' which opened Wednesday.
Instead of a documentary, try a feature-length film starring Bernie Mac.
In a nutshell: The first feature-length film from the makers of the Christian computer-animated video series will likely appeal to the faithful but not win any new converts.
I TRUST YOU TO KILL ME," the debut feature-length film of Manu Boyer, is a Motion Picture Group/MRB Production presented by First Independent Pictures in association with Ironworks Music, and was produced by Pliny Porter and Matthew Brady.
But when Resnick has tried to sustain his unpleasant brand of humor over the course of a feature-length film (``Lucky Numbers,'' ``Cabin Boy''), the results have been disastrous.
Neither has DNA's method of what's being called ``garage band animation,'' at least not for a feature-length film.
BLUE'S FIRST FILM: Preschoolers' favorite canine pal is starring in her first feature-length film being issued direct to video.
Making a movie from a cartoon short (or a ``Saturday Night Live'' sketch) is usually a bad idea to begin with, simply because what works for five minutes can rarely be stretched over the duration of a feature-length film.
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