Feast of Tabernacles

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a major Jewish festival beginning on the eve of the 15th of Tishri and commemorating the shelter of the Israelites during their 40 years in the wilderness

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Since 1980, the ICEJ's Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem has been Israel's largest annual tourist event, with more than 5,000 Christians from 80 nations attending Feast 2014 last October.
Jesus and his opponents, "the Jews," kept trading barbs at the Feast of Tabernacles (booths), a harvest festival.
Sukkot, in September/October) celebrates the Feast of Tabernacles.
The second workshop will cover Sukkot, also known as the Feast of Tabernacles, and Simhat Torah, which marks the end and beginning cycles of reading the Torah in the temple.
Finally, Munk discusses the significance of the Jewish feast of tabernacles (or booths) for Edward Taylor, who went so far as to suggest that Christ's birth took place, not on December 25, but during the traditional tabernacles celebration in September.
The elaborate Methodian exegesis of the Feast of Tabernacles in Leviticus 23:39-43 is the "first known evidence of the Christian use of Jewish millenarian interpretation of the feast," but P.
6, because now John mentions that the Feast of Tabernacles (and no longer Passover) was near.
The April lunar eclipses coincide with Jewish passover and the October and September eclipses concur with the Feast of Tabernacles, making these occurrences of religious importance.
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