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To support this expansion, Glori has established a headquarters in Calgary and appointed experienced oil industry veteran, Cindy Feary, as Vice President of Business Development for Canadian operations.
Glori has identified Canada as one of our key target geographies, recognizing the growing importance of Canada as a strategic source of oil to meet global energy needs and the commitment of Glori to help Canadian producers recover this oil in a sustainable and cost effective manner" said Cindy Feary, Vice President of Business Development in Canada for Glori Energy.
Feary has over 25 years of experience in the oil industry in several international markets supporting both onshore and offshore environments," said Bud Bierhaus, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Glori Energy.
9 "EVERYTHING FALLS APART, PART 1" (ARTSPACE, SYDNEY; CURATED BY MARK FEARY AND BLAIR FRENCH) A pointed rejoinder to the feel-good globalism of this year's Biennale of Sydney, the first installment of this two-part show (I didn't see the second) was dominated by Occupy--Sarah Goffman's remade signs and Jem Cohen's appropriately scrappy films of the activities in Zuccotti Park.
IFMG General Manager Tom Feary said of the integration: "Our growing partnership with RouteOne helps dealers maximize the value of their investment in high quality finance leads.
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Note: Photos are available by contacting Anne Foster or Cathy Faust at The Feary Group, 206/343-1543.
Selwyn Feary, Shift's founder, is equally enthusiastic about the development.
We wanted a solution that not only appealed to local advertisers, but also brought them a relevant, sustainable audience as well," said Tom Feary, vice president of marketing at Adelphia Media Services, which is the television advertising unit of Adelphia Communications.
Feary noted that in markets where Expo TV is launched, VOD advertising in Expo TV's environment is among the more popular types of VOD programming being watched by Adelphia subscribers.
Feary has over eight years of technical management experience in customer service and sales.
will journey to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) March 30-April 17 for the USA/Vietnam Friendship Tour, a two-week goodwill celebration, according to The Feary Group.
CONTACT: Cathy Faust, 206-343-1543, or home, 206-324-3886, or Scott Janzen, 206-343-1543, or home, 206-281-8126, both of The Feary Group/