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a morbid fear of great heights

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Morgan Church's grandmother Cynthia Hurley, from Lisvane, Cardiff, was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2013 and the 20-year-old was determined to conquer his fear of heights in aid of a good cause.
The 16-year-old, studying hairdressing at Coleg Cambria, is determined to overcome her fear of heights.
Research shows that one in ten people suffer from a fear of heights," says Alex, "so I wanted to find a way to help people believe in what they are climbing and to help make them feel safer.
Jodi tweeted: "On countdown this week to watch my very brave cousin @MissDLloyd conquer her fear of heights by taking on splash
This is disappointingly very ordinary stuff as we follow Dusty, a big-hearted crop duster fighting his fear of heights to fulfil his dream of becoming an air race ace.
Washington, July 25 ( ANI ): Infants develop a fear of heights through their experiences while moving around their environments, a new research suggests.
Disney's Planes is an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure about Dusty's dream of competing as a high-flying air racer and his decidedly unfortunate fear of heights.
A BILLIONAIRE businessman with a fear of HEIGHTS will join Prince Andrew in his daredevil abseil down Europe's tallest new building.
Rovers were leading 2-0 at half-time when a supporter, who had drunk enough alcohol to subdue his fear of heights, climbed a floodlight pylon and jumped onto the roof of the Cowshed Stand during the half-time interval.
Sometimes lessons must be learned the hard way, Sandseter and Kennair argue: A child injured in a fall before the age of 9 is unlikely to suffer long-term harm from the injury but is less likely to have a fear of heights as a teenager.
Bruce and the Road to Courage" is a charming novel following caterpillar Bruce who rejects his destiny as a butterfly partly out of a fear of heights and partly out of the desire to forge his own path.
ACROPHOBIA sufferer Anthony Caton conquered his fear of heights to raise cash for two charities.
The daredevil, who conquered her fear of heights by leaping from a plane at 10,000ft, is on course to raise pounds 1,000 for the Compton Hospice at Wolverhampton.
Summary: Sir Ranulph Fiennes has said he conquered Everest on his third attempt despite his fear of heights.
I have an expensive pair of downhill skis and a paralyzing fear of heights.