anorexia nervosa

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(psychiatry) a psychological disorder characterized by somatic delusions that you are too fat despite being emaciated

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The purpose of this article is to describe hypnobehavioral treatment of five school-age children with maladaptive eating behaviors, including functional dysphagia, food aversion, globus hystericus, and conditioned fear of eating (phagophobia).
GARLIC: The big fear of eating too much garlic is having bad breath - but it's what gives garlic its smell that helps keep your heart healthy.
Though the low-fat diet has clearly not worked, the fear of eating healthy fat still runs rampant: hence, our ever-growing rate of obesity, type 2 diabetes, thyroid issues, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.
Right, so we've done the pre-Christmas exercise regimes and how to get fit to stay fit, but for those of you who're still living in fear of eating to excess, here's a few tips to help you through.
He also held a legion of irrational fears, one of which, his fear of eating, finally killed him.
One of the most devastating outcomes of CWD is that it might decrease hunter participation because of hunters' fear of eating meat from potentially diseased deer.
Anorexia nervosa - Fear of eating and/or gaining weight.