anorexia nervosa

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(psychiatry) a psychological disorder characterized by somatic delusions that you are too fat despite being emaciated

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In the analysis of the present sample, it was possible to verify that, from the evaluated items, the four patients presented improvements in the domains eating as a burden, fear of eating and fatigue.
The fear of eating contaminated beef has sent shockwaves down the high street, causing shoppers to be wary of all meat, says Britain's National Pig Association (NPA).
According to Sidon resident Rima Naser this increase in demand and temporary switch to vegetarian meals is caused by a fear of eating spoiled food: "Lentils are not frozen or refrigerated and if they are spoiled it's easy to see just by looking at them.
The purpose of this article is to describe hypnobehavioral treatment of five school-age children with maladaptive eating behaviors, including functional dysphagia, food aversion, globus hystericus, and conditioned fear of eating (phagophobia).
GARLIC: The big fear of eating too much garlic is having bad breath - but it's what gives garlic its smell that helps keep your heart healthy.
He also held a legion of irrational fears, one of which, his fear of eating, finally killed him.
One of the most devastating outcomes of CWD is that it might decrease hunter participation because of hunters' fear of eating meat from potentially diseased deer.
Anorexia nervosa - Fear of eating and/or gaining weight.